Workshops on the maritime spatial plan

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Knowledge about current and future maritime interests and development areas is of great importance to the working group's work and, consequently, stakeholders have been invited to attend a number of workshops and panel debates and to use a number of digital tools. More workshops will be organized at a later stage.

By means of these, it will be possible for the stakeholders to comment on and contribute to the work of the working group. The new zones in the sea area will extend from the coastline to the national sea borders.

The national maritime spatial plan will be subject to a strategic environmental assessment and, subsequently, the plan, as well as the assessment, will be subject to public consultation for a period of six months. During this period, the Danish Maritime Authority will also coordinate the draft maritime spatial plan with Denmark's neighbouring countries with a view to ensure cross-border coordination of maritime spatial plans.

When the national maritime spatial plan has been drawn up, it will not be permitted to carry out development activities at sea if they are in conflict with the plan.



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