International shipping policy

​​​​Danish shipping has a significant role on the global scene and, through a number of international fora and bilateral cooperative relations, the Danish Maritime Authority is striving to promote Danish shipping policy interests.

The main purpose of Danish shipping policy is to promote open market access, to secure the global competitiveness of the Danish fleet and to promote the safety of ships and those on board and to prevent pollution of the marine environment.

Danish shipping plays a significant role on the global scene. Danish shipping companies operate the world's fifth largest merchant fleet.

Therefore, the Danish Maritime Authority seeks to promote Danish shipping policy interests through a number of international fora and bilateral cooperative relations. The Danish Maritime Authority also contributes to ensuring that maritime transport issues are touched upon during Danish ministers' visits abroad, when and if relevant.

Open market access

Open access to global transport markets is an important condition for the Danish merchant fleet. More than 90 per cent of the cargoes carried by the merchant fleet are carried between foreign ports.

In the EU and WTO, Denmark is striving to secure and further develop a shipping policy based on free trade and to establish mutual memoranda of understanding and agreements between countries, between groups of countries and globally.

Negotiations are taking place on the conclusion of new agreements as well as on improvements of existing agreements. Furthermore, Denmark takes an active part in EU bilateral negotiations with third countries, inter alia to secure access for European ships and a possibility of establishing shipping-related businesses.



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