Guidelines for testing maritime technologies

​Growth plan: The Blue Denmark – a global maritime power hub.

Denmark is one of the most digitalised societies in the world, who are ready to allow experiments and point out test areas that can take part in making Denmark a premium test lab for:

  • New maritime technologies
  • Digital systems
  • Production and method of management
  • Energy production

Why test in Denmark?

  • Great presence of ship owners, including many with passion for exploring business opportunities in new technology
  • Opportunity for great variation in maritime test environments in clear geographical areas, as Danish waters include heavily trafficked areas, narrow and landed passages, bridges and areas with deep water
  • Denmark can also assist with tests in Arctic waters

If you wish to perform concrete tests of maritime technology for example for autonomous ships, you can contact the Danish Maritime Authority for advice and guidance.

We are working on specific guidelines for test activities, but until then, you can contact



72 19 60 00