About e-navigation Underway International

Since 2011, the Danish Maritime Authority has in close cooperation with IALA, organized the leading international conference E-Navigation Underway International. The conference gathers between 100-200 international players from all over the world to take stock of developments and debate the way forward for e-Navigation and digitalization.  

E-Navigation is about using modern technology to promote maritime information sharing for the benefit of safety and efficiency. The goal is to create solutions making it possible to collect, optimize and screen information and to exchange information efficiently.

The rapid development in technology and demands for digitalization is about to change the entire maritime sector. The main impact of digitalization is that it will change the way we communicate, work and cooperate. 

For digitalization and e-navigation the effects of the rapid development in technology that has taken place for the past 9 years are beginning to show. The time has now come for us to turn to the implementation in real life and to discuss how ongoing development in technology and current solutions can be implemented by different stakeholders in the maritime industry.