The environment and the climate

Protection of the environment and the climate are high on society's political agenda these years, and the Danish as well as the international policy in the fields of the environment and the climate is of major importance to shipping.

The Danish Maritime Authority is striving to ensure global, balanced regulations for the shipping industry. This means, inter alia, that new requirements for the emission of nitrogen oxides and sulphur, energy efficiency and ballast water discharge are being phased in and enforced in a new manner to ensure a level playing field.

Environmental and climate requirements are important to protect human beings and nature against pollution from ships. Such requirements may also be a driver for the development of new technology. At the same time, the requirements present a challenge to the shipping industry, which is to make the necessary technology investments in an efficient manner to be able to comply with the regulations.

Formally, legislation in the environmental and climate field is the responsibility of the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate. The Danish Maritime Authority contributes to the work of the ministries in the maritime field - both in connection with policy development, practical implementation and enforcement. In this connection, the Danish Maritime Authority has cooperated constructively with the industry as well as with other authorities that are involved in the formation of regulations in the environmental and climate field, and this is a strong basis for affecting the policy development of the EU, United Nations' International Maritime Organization (IMO) and United Nations' Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).