The Maritime Strategic Sector Cooperation with China

The sector cooperation focuses on maritime security and green shipping.

China is an important maritime nation. The strategic sector cooperation promotes cooperation with the Chinese authorities on safe and green shipping through e.g. exchange of best practice and cooperation on international regulation. In addition, it aims to improve the framework conditions for Danish shipping companies and promote opportunities for Danish maritime companies in China.

The cooperation encompasses a wide array of subjects, but focus on strengthening best practice in:

  • Maritime accident investigation
  • Control of ships in ports (Port State Control)
  • Enforcement of regulation on ship's sulfur emissions
  • Management of ballast water.

In addition, knowledge and experience are shared on subjects such as digitization of ships, zero emission vessels, alternative fuels and offshore vessels. This has resulted in Danish companies being able to present new solutions in the maritime sector to potential Chinese buyers. In addition, the cooperation between the authorities has strengthened relations and has resulted in increased cooperation on, e.g., climate and accident studies in international fora.

The Chinese partners in the cooperation are the China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The Sectoral cooperation has been ongoing since 2017 and phase 2 of the project started in the Spring of 2020.

  • More information about  Danish embassy in China or contact  Sector advisor Hans Peter Glipman Jørgensen on
  • Contact at the Danish Maritime Authority: Thomas Blomgren-Hansen, Blue Growth and Maritime Policy,



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