Partnerships with authorities


The Danish Maritime Authority works with authorities in China, Ghana and Kenya to promote sustainable development in the maritime sector. The partnerships promotes stronger bilateral relations between the Blue Denmark and counterparts in the partner countries, to the benefit of all parties.

Partnerships between authorities provides an opportunity to promote Danish solutions in different sectors where Denmark has expertise. Denmark can contribute with valuable knowledge and sustainable solutions in collaboration with relevant partner authorities. The Danish Maritime Authority takes part in several maritime partnerships, which among others, encompasses the following:

  • Improved E-Navigation at sea, for the benefit of seafarers and authorities
  • Greener and more climate-friendly shipping
  • Exchange of knowledge and experiences between Danish and local maritime authorities, in order to improve maritime safety and security.

Key persons in the partnerships are the sector counsellors who hold sector-specific expertise and whom are posted in the countries that the Danish Maritime Authority cooperates with. The sector counsellors forms the link between the Danish embassies in the partner countries, and the Danish authorities in Denmark.

The sector counsellors enables more in depth collaboration on relevant partnership activities, and assists the Danish maritime authority and partner authority to identify relevant issues which could be addressed through the project.

Finally, the sector counsellors also promotes Danish business opportunities in the partner countries by facilitating contacts through a strong network in the public and private sector and hereby support Danish business promotion initiatives, etc.

Please see below for more information about the Danish Maritime Authority's partnerships maritime authorities in China, Ghana and Kenya.

For mere general information about other partners ship please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

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