Reports on autonomous ships

Degrees of autonomy

​​​​Report on regulatory barriers to the use of autonomous ships

The report, made by Rambøll and CORE Law firm for the Danish Maritime Authority, contains a number of specific recommendations for Denmark preparing and making more flexible the regulation of autonomous technologies, inter alia by scrutinizing the provisions on the manning of ships, the definition of the term of a master as well as the granting of permits for a periodically unmanned navigation bridge and electronic lookout.

Here you can read the report on autonomous ships made by Rambøll and Core Law Firm.

Pre-analysis on autonomous ships

In the autumn of 2016, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the Danish Maritime Authority published a pre-analysis on autonomous ships. The pre-analysis describes the potential of autonomous ships and how to define various levels of autonomy.

Here you can read the pre-analysis on autonomous ship made by the DTU and the Danish Maritime Authority .



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