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​Come to Denmark – the core of maritime Europe

Denmark is one of the world’s leading maritime nations and is home to a large and modern maritime cluster. Denmark is also one of the world’s easiest places to do business and a great place to live.

An important maritime cluster

Danish shipping businesses transport approximately 4,5 per cent of all traded goods globally and Danish maritime companies account for approximately 23 per cent of Denmark's total exports.

Globally, Denmark is known for quality shipping and for promoting the highest standards of maritime health, safety and environmental protection, together with high commercial competitiveness.

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A diverse maritime cluster

Global shipping is the driving force behind the Danish maritime cluster. Yet, maritime Denmark also consists of shipbrokers, ports, logistics companies, shipyards as well as producers of marine equipment and service providers. Moreover, maritime Denmark holds a strong position in the area of supply activities for the offshore industry.

Danish producers of marine equipment and ships offer solutions customized to international key players throughout the maritime world. The industry is well-known for its quality and innovative, high-tech and green solutions.

A skilled and flexible workforce

Political focus

The Danish government launched a growth plan for the maritime sector in January 2018 - 'Maritime Denmark 2018'.

Denmark's strong maritime traditions are based on the availability of a skilled and competent workforce. Close cooperation between the industry and maritime education and training institutions ensures that the Danish workforce is up to date and adapts to the needs of the maritime world.

Overall, with its well-functioning infrastructure, large maritime cluster, flexible labour market and qualified work

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Danish Maritime DNA

Proximity to water. An instinct for commerce and co-operation. Quality shipping, competences and first mover mentality.

The article originally appeared in BIMCO Bulletin No. 6/2013 and appears by kind permission of BIMCO.

Come to Denmark
Denmark is the easiest place to do business in Europe
- according to the World Bank 2014

Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world
- according to Transparency International 2013

Copenhagen is the world’s most livable city
- according to Monocle 2014




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