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Favourable framework conditions are paramount for securing a merchant fleet under the Danish flag. Therefore Denmark maintains a constant focus on ensuring favourable framework conditions for the Danish fleet. This means:

  • Focus on quality shipping                
  • Significant safety records and high standards
  • A tonnage taxation system for shipping businesses
  • Tax exemption for seafarers on DIS ships
  • Flag State administration with a high level of service

This site and subsequent sub-pages provides you with a general overview of the simple steps you need to take to transfer or build your ships within the Danish International Ship Register.

Quality shipping  

Denmark is on the top of the white lists for the Paris MoU, the Tokyo MoU and remains qualified for the USCG Qualship 21 programme.

Transferring to or building your ships within the Danish International Ship Register - the simple steps

To transfer to or build your ships within the Danish International Ship Register, you will need to follow a line of simple steps. The steps are not necessarily in the proposed order, but presented as a guiding tool to facilitate your shipping business establishment.



The Danish flag  

The Danish flag covers a gross tonnage of approximately 21 million and 700 vessels in international trade.




World top operator 

Denmark is among the world’s largest operators of gross tonnage.



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