Information required

Information required in relation to request for interpretations, equivalents and exemptions.

  • Date 

  • Nature of request
    • Exemption
    • Equivalent arrangement
    • Other       

  • Vessel particulars
    • Name
    • IMO no.
    • Owner/Manage
    • Type of vessel
    • Recognised organisation
    • Contact person

  • Particulars of request
    • Main certificate referred to
    • Expiry date/due date for request
    • Regulation(s) deviated from or interpreted
    • Regulation which allows exemption to be issued or equivalent arrangement to be accepted
    • Argumentation and background
    • Is the intention behind the rule deviated from met?
    • Conclusion and recommendation by RO
    • Additional comments

  • Enclosures of objective data (IMO performance standards, statements, certificates, risk assessment etc.)



Request form

Should be sent to ro@dma.dk.



Contact: ro@dma.dk