Rule reference

  • Danish RO Agreement, annex, section 31.
  • Notice A from the Danish Maritime Authority, technical regulation on occupational health in ships, chapter II, part C, regulation 8.
  • Notice B from the Danish Maritime Authority, chapter II-1 A, regulation 3-5.
  • Resolution A.1053, Revised survey guidelines under the harmonized system of survey and certification (HSSC), 2011, annex 1, section

Explanatory note

The ROs are kindly requested to observe the following during survey and inspection:

  1. If an attending RO surveyor receives knowledge that asbestos is being used on board a Danish flagged vessel, the Danish Maritime Authority must be informed hereof without delay. The information should be relayed to the Danish Maritime Authority using the below e-mail.
  2. Furthermore, the attending RO surveyor is also requested to inspect whether the areas containing asbestos are kept in such a condition that the asbestos is properly encapsulated.

The purpose of this request is to ensure that the Danish Maritime Authority has an overview of ships containing asbestos as well as to ensure that, if asbestos is present on board, the asbestos remains safely encapsulated.