Rule reference

  • Notice B from the Danish Maritime Authority, chapter III, regulation 3.7.
  • Notice B from the Danish Maritime Authority, chapter III, regulation 7.2.2 (SOLAS, chapter III, regulation 7.2.2).
  • Notice B from the Danish Maritime Authority, chapter III, regulation 32.3 (SOLAS, chapter III, regulation 32.3).
  • Notice B from the Danish Maritime Authority, chapter III, regulation 22.4.1.

Explanatory note

According to Notice B from the DMA (SOLAS), immersion suits and lifejackets must be so placed as to be readily accessible and their position must be plainly indicated. As for immersion suits, the DMA has national requirements for type and carriage. This circular provides guidance on the mentioned rules and interpretation.


Stowage position

On Danish flagged ships, the required lifejackets and immersion suits should be stowed close to the muster station.

An alternative stowage position may be accepted by the DMA, provided that the arrangement is in compliance with the intention behind the rule.


National requirements and exemptions from carriage of immersion suits

For Danish flagged passenger ships trading in Greenland, Artic and comparable waters, immersion suits are required for each person on board. During the period from 1 May to 30 September, passenger ships may undertake individual voyages without carrying immersion suits for all persons on board, on the condition that the persons who are not provided with immersions suits are provided with thermal protective aids.

The carriage of immersion suits and thermal protective aids is unnecessary if the ship is constantly engaged on voyages in warm climates. The DMA refers to MSC/Circ.1046, “Guidelines for the assessment of thermal protection”, and on the basis of this Circular the DMA defines warm climates as the area between 30° North and 30° South. This exemption applies only to ships other than bulk carriers.


Type and number of immersion suits

According to Notice B from the DMA, immersion suits on board Danish flagged cargo ships must be of a type that is in accordance with the LSA Code, regulation, that ensures thermal protection for six hours. However, the DMA accepts any wheel-marked immersion suit that is in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC.

On cargo ships, additional immersion suits must be provided at remotely located watch or work stations, including remotely located survival craft. Reference is made to MSC.1/Circ.1243, “Unified interpretation of SOLAS chapter III”. In the opinion of the DMA, the number of additional suits should be a minimum of two. On small vessels where there is only one watchkeeping officer in the machinery space, the number of additional immersion suits may be reduced to one.


Instruction to RO

The RO must process a request for equivalents according to paragraph 3. Any necessary plan approval, relevant documentation, suggested conditions and well-founded recommendation, etc. should be forwarded to the DMA for approval, cf. Annex to the RO Agreement, chapter 1, paragraph 6.

Exemptions from carriage of immersion suits in warm climates according to paragraph 4 may be granted by the RO.