From 24 June 2016 the Kingdom of Denmark issue ship certificates in electronic format.

These certificates correspond in form to the models given in SOLAS and MARPOL and other relevant conventions, including the FAL.5/Circ.39 (Guidelines for the use of electronic certificates).

The certificates must at all times be considered as valid in accordance with applicable regulations.

The certificates contain the coat of arms in blue in the upper left corner, an electronic signature of an authorized inspector together with the stamp of the Danish Maritime Authority.

For the purpose of checking the validity and authenticity of the ship certificates, all certificates have a unique tracking identification number, for example tracking no.: 4168728-3705325-07-03-2016. To verify this unique tracking identification number and the certificate in general, please visit the webpage of the Danish Maritime Authority: www.dma.dk. Alternatively, please contact the Danish Maritime Authority by email sfs@dma.dk or 24/7 by phone +45 91 37 60 00.

The certificates are transmitted electronically and they are protected by encryption and digital file signature from alteration or tampering.

The certificates can be presented either electronically on a computer screen or in a printed colour version.

This letter is to be kept on board and made available to Port State Con- trol, Class inspectors and auditors.

Yours sincerely,

Martin John

Director, Ship Survey, Certification and Manning Danish Maritime Authority