• Danish RO Agreement, section 15.2.
  • IACS Rec.2007/rev.2. 2016 No. 98

Explanatory note

According to the Danish RO agreement 15.2 the RO shall furnish the vessel with a short term certificate relevant to the action taken and suspend the corresponding full term certificate.

In order to align the Danish RO agreement point15.2 with the IACS No. 98 a “short term certificate” shall only be issued when a “detainable deficiency/defect” is identified. If the deficiency/defect only is minor the RO are not required to issue a “short term certificate” in accordance with the guidelines given in IACS No. 98.

This circular does not apply to certification and deficiencies relating to the ISM code, ISPS code and MLC 2006.



A “minor deficiency/defect” is an observed situation which does not prevent the ship from proceeding to sea as it is not considered to pose a danger to the ship, the environment or person on board within the timeframe given for its rectification.

A “detainable deficiency/defect” is an identified deficiency/defect which is considered to endanger the people onboard, the stability or integrity of the vessel, the cargo or is likely to cause pollution. Refer to IACS no 98, Annex A for guidance on detainable deficiencies related to various statutory certificates.

A “short term certificate” is a certificate with the appropriate expiry dates that is issued by the attending surveyor when deficiencies/defects exist which cannot be corrected in the port of survey. A “short term certificate” is valid only for a period long enough to permit the ship to proceed to the port where the correction will be made.