Acces "wreck removal certificate" under apply for certificate

- Click on the drop down menu for wreck removal certificate under apply for certificate

- Afterwards, click on “Application for wreck removal certificate” (as seen below):  


- A new window will now open and take you to the application form.


Fill out contact informtion

- Fill out all the panels and then press yes or no depending on if information about the owner should be transferred from the applicant.

-If you press yes the next step will be filled out automatically. If you press no you will have to fill out all panels.

- If the ship you are applying for is in the The Register of Shipping (DAS) or The Danish International Register of Shipping (DIS) you only need to fill out the destinctive letters for the ship - the following panels will thereafter be filled out automatically.

- Filled out below: The ships name, IMO-number, gross tonnage og home port of registry.

-If the ship is not in any of the registers you need to fill out all the panels.

Udfyld feltet forsikringsselskabet - de resterende felter er frivillige. 

 If you wish to apply for several ships at a time click on the “Tilføj” icon , and repeat the aforementioned process.

- You can apply for up to 20 ships per application.


Choose your payment method

- Pick the payment method you wish to use and if the payer/invoice recipient is Danish, Greenlandic or Faroese.

- Afterwards, fill out name, address and the country of origin of the payer/invoice recipient.

- Attach the blue card for the applicant ship.

- If you are applying for several ships you can add more documents by clicking the “Tilføj” icon

- Fill out the rest of the panels and click on “Næste”

- A new window will now open recipient information 


Recipient information

- Enter the e-mail that you wish for the receipt for the application to be sent to.

- Now enter “Næste"

- A new window will now open and take you to a summery of the information you have filled out. 


Summary and payment

- A new window will now open where you can see a summary of what you have filled out. Please check everything is correct. If you have

- The price of your application will be listed here (if you have chosen to pay with credit card, the rpice will be listed under "Orderbeskrivelse) 

- Click on 

- If you have changes, you can click on “Rediger” (edit) on the bottom of the page. 

- Rul derefter helt ned på siden. 

-  Afterwards, scroll to the bottom of the page.

- If you have chosen credit card as your payment method click on

- If you have chosen to pay an invoice or with a bank transfer, click on

- The invoice will be sent to as soon as possible.

- The certificate will be issued after the payment has been received.