The Registration Records has changed appearance and content

The Danish Ship Register’s Registration Records have received a user-friendly update with the launch of the new Digital Ship Register. Learn more in the video below.

Access to certificates

To access your issued certificates, we recommend logging in with NemID, as this will make it easier to connect you to your certificates.

If you do not have NemID, you can create a login for the self-service if you do not already have a login from before. If you create a new login, the Danish Maritime Authority must be notified to link your login with your certificates. This means that the profile must be processed manually.

User registration: 
The way you create a user is by clicking create user on Shipowner self-service. 

Then you can enter your information in the fields. Read here about how we use your data in accordance with GDPR. The following information must be provided:

First name

Last name




Once you have provided the necessary information, and clicked continue, you will receive an e-mail.

When you have gained access:
Once you have access to the self-service, you will be presented with a welcome screen.

Here you can access the details of your ships, in which your ship certificates are located. This involves certificates such as call sign, safe manning, MLC and more.
These certificates can all be downloaded to your device by clicking on "Click to download". Details about the certificate can be found in both the certificate and in "See details".

Verification of certificates

It is possible to quickly verify certificates and documents by using verify.dma.dk. Here, you provide either a certificate number or a verification number. This way you can always quickly verify your (and others') certificates.

On the go, it is possible to scan the QR-code that is printed on each certificate. Scanning of QR-codes is built into the camera app of newer smartphones. If your phone does not support a native QR-scanner, you can use a third-party app, which can be found in most app stores.

If it is possible to show the certificate, a "View certificate" button will appear, where you can see the actual document in PDF format.