Zero-Emission Shipping Mission

Denmark (led by the Danish Maritime Authority), the United States, Norway, Global Maritime Forum and Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping have taken the lead on implementing an international public-private partnership called ‘Zero-Emission Shipping Mission’.

By 2030 the Shipping Mission aims to:

  • Introduce into the global fleet commercially viable vessels that operate on zero-emission fuels;
  • Scale up efficient production of zero-emission fuels; and
  • Establish global port infrastructure to support vessels operating on zero-emission fuels,

thereby making vessels that operate on zero-emission fuels the natural choice for ship owners when they renew their fleet.

The Shipping Mission focuses on the entire maritime value chain. It will promote public private activities, which will help develop, test and commercialize maritime and energy technologies and make the market ready for zero-emission vessels by 2030. The goal of the Shipping Mis-sion is that by 2030, 5 pct. of ships in the global fleet are capable of sail-ing on zero-emission fuels, and at least 200 of these ships should pri-marily use zero-emission fuels when sailing on major trade routes.

The Shipping Mission brings together a dynamic and high ambition alli-ance between countries, the private sector, research institutes and civil society to accelerate innovation in zero-emission shipping. In addition to the five co-leads, partners include: Singapore, the United Kingdom, In-dia, Morocco, Ghana, France and South Korea.

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The Zero-Emission Shipping Mission publishes the industry roadmap for Zero-Emission shipping

In April 2022, the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission published the Industry Roadmap. This publication brings us a step closer to achieving our goal and making zero-emission shipping the natural choice for ship owners.

Click here to see the Industry Roadmap for Zero-Emission Shipping


Zero-Emission Shipping Mission

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