Re-acquisition of certificate

If you, as a seafarer, need to reacquire your certificate of competency or certificate of proficiency for tankers, you will find guidance here.

 If you do not meet the requirements to renew or if your certificate has expired, it will be necessary to reacquire if you want your certificate again​.​

How is the proces of a reacquisition?

  1. ​​Apply for the certificate you wish to reacquire
  2. The Danish Maritime Authority process the application. In this connection, we will contact you to obtain additional information, if necessary
  3. The Danish Maritime Authority decides on the case and the requirements that must be met before a certificate can be issued, will be forwarded.
  4. The case is closed and the fee reimbursed.

Read the guide on the reacquisition of certificates

When you have read the guide, you can proceed to self service for seafarers and apply for the certificate, in order to start your reacquisition.

Apply for reacquisition of certificate

Should you have any questions regarding reacqcuisition, please contact us​.


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