Technical regulations

​Below, you will find English versions of the technical regulations issued by the Danish Maritime Authority that are currently in force. Please note that only the Danish versions have legal validity.




25-10-2012  1012  Order on passenger vessels exclusively engaged in voyages in port areas or on lakes, etc
04-03-2009  169  Technical regulation on the use of searchlights during navigation in Greenland waters
28-06-2007  2  Technical regulation on the stability buoyancy, etc of houseboats and floating structures
21-11-2006  8  Technical regulation on the securing of fuel oil pipes in certain ships
21-11-2006  7  Technical regulation on the transport of live animals by sea
13-09-2006  5  Technical regulation on towing and anchor handling winches and towing hooks in ships
12-06-2006 2 Technical regulation amending TR on traditional ships (ships worthy of preservation, sport fishing vessels, etc)
15-11-2005 4  Technical regulation on passenger lifts on board ships
09-08-2004  9  Technical regulation on standard times for certain statutory surveys of fishing vessels
15-07-2004  8  Technical regulation on the conduction of surveys and internal inspections
07-06-2004  6  Technical regulation on adm of the regulation of Europ Parl and Council on enhancing shipd and port facility security annex
07-06-2004  6  Technical regulation on adm of the regulation of Europ Parl and of Council on enhancing ship and port facility security
11-05-2004  5  Technical regulation on liferafts and immersion suits on board fishing vessels
02-12-2003  10  Technical regulation on small vessels carrying a maximum of 12 passengers
27-10-2003  6  Technical regulation on a system of mandatory surveys for the safe operation of roro ferries and high-speed passenger craft
19-05-2003  5  Technical regulation on stowaways on board ships
09-10-2002  6  Technical regulation for the loading and unloading of bulk carriers
16-04-2002  3  Technical regulation on tyskertræk
25-01-2001  1  Technical regulation on shipping companies' contact persons for search and rescue authorities
20-11-2000  15  Technical regulation on traditional ships (ships worthy of preservation, sport fishing vessels, etc)
12-10-2000  12  Technical regulation on lifting appliances and loose gear on ships
18-08-2000 10 Technical regulation on the arrangement of passenger ships as regards the access of disabled passengers
18-08-2000 9 Technical regulation on the use of pesticides in ships
29-10-1999 9 Technical regulation on the crew's command of languages in passenger ships
26-08-1999 7 Technical regulation on the application of the Danish safety at sea act to foreign ships
15-12-1998 8 Technical regulation on counting and registration of the persons on board passenger ships
03-03-1998 2 Technical regulation on specific stability requirements for roro passenger ships w water on deck on int voyages
04-12-1997 9  Technical regulation on registration of navigational data on board high-speed craft
12-10-1995  8  Technical regulation on special requirements for the location, strength and securing of doors in the shell plating etc.
03-08-1995  5  Technical regulation on extra fire-protection of passenger ships engaged on domestic voyages
09-02-1994 2  Technical regulation on supplementary requirements for intact stability and watertight subdivision, etc.
06-09-1993  10  Technical regulation on extra equipment in bunker vessels
15-03-1989  4  Technical regulation on training certificates for the transport by sea of dangerous goods on ro-ro ships
01-09-1988 5 Technical regulation on auxiliary sails on engine-driven ships
01-09-1988 9 Technical regulation on conditions of access to cargo hold ladders and similar ladders
01-09-1988  17  Technical regulation on the construction and arrangement, etc of towing hooks


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