Education and training requirements

​​​On this page, you can find information about the requirements made on those navigating a vessel or having the responsibility for a groups of boats - for example teachers who have taken students for a canoeing trip.

The regulations apply to vessels with a length below 15 metres carrying a maximum of 12 students or passengers. The regulations apply only to voyages in Denmark and Greenland.

If you intend to go abroad, the vessel must hold a certificate referred to as the safe manning document. You can read more about the regulations here:

Safe manning document

Before you can find out which requirements to meet, you must know the vessel and the output of the engine. The vessel's size is measured by means of scantlings (the vessel's length x width). The output of the engine is measured in kW (100 kW is approx. 136 HK). Furthermore, other requirements must be observed if the vessel is exclusively used for professional sailing training. Read more here:

Explanation of scantlings

Apply for a certificate

In some cases, you must be issued with a certificate by the Danish Maritime Authority before you are permitted to be the master of the vessel. You can see in the table below whether you are required to be issued with a certificate. You can apply for the certificate here:

Apply for a certificate

NB: You must choose "Certificate of competency" under "Type of certificate" and "Certificate of competency with limited rights" under "Choose certificate".

Scantlings/kW Below 100 kW and vessels without an engine 100 kW to 749 kW
Scantlings below 20
  • Minimum 1 crewmember
  • Requirements for the master
  • See the vessel's safety instructions as regards the requirements for the size of the crew and their education and training.
  • Link to safety instructions
Scantlings of or above 20, but below 100
and length below 15 metres
The vessel is exclusively used for professional sailing training.

Vessels with a length below 15 metres (irrespective of scantlings)
  • Minimum 1 crewmember. In case of coordinated voyages with two or more vessels, there must be at least 2 crewmembers for the entire group of vessels.
  • Requirements for the crew


Ship Survey, Certification and Manning