Discharge book

Discharge books are used to documents seafarers' seagoing service. If you want a discharge book in order to document your seagoing service, you can apply from this page.

The Danish discharge book is only issued to Danish nationals.

If you want to report your sea service, or apply for a discharge book, you can log in here:

Apply from our self-service solution here

Danish seafarers are not required to have a discharge book. However, the Danish Maritime Authority recommends that you use a discharge book to document your seagoing service.

As a seafarer, you are responsible for documenting your seagoing service. You are also obliged to ensure that the discharge book has been filled in correctly by the master.

Seagoing service can also be documented by a "fartstidserklæring", which you can download from our self-service and app.

You apply online for a discharge book. When you apply online, you must have your NemID and credit card at hand. The following must be attached to your application:

  • A copy of the photo page of your passport, driver's license or most recently filled in discharge book.
  • A life-like photo against a uniform background. The photo must be in accordance with the passport regulations.
    • In our app, My Maritime, you can take a picture of yourself and attach to your profile.

Apply for a discharge book

Should you have any questions or are required to forward additional documentation for your case, you must answer the email that you received together with your case number.

Discharge books are issued at a fee of DKK 120. You should expect to receive your discharge book by mail within a week. You can choose an alternative address of delivery in the application.

If you have lost your discharge book, you can order a new one online, but unfortunately the Danish Maritime Authority cannot insert your previously completed seagoing service in your new discharge book.