Radio in recreational vessels

​​​If you want to use a maritime VHF radio in Denmark, you must have a certificate for yourself and a Ship Station License (call sign) for the vessel.

You must, as a minimum, have an SRC certificate (Short Range Certificate) if you want to operate a maritime VHF radio. With an SRC, you are permitted to operate the following radio systems:

  • VHF telephony
  • VHF telephony with DSC
  • EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon)
  • SART (radar transponder)

Previously issued "restricted certificates" still make it possible to operate traditional VHF radio systems without DSC.
In addition, you must have a Ship Station License (call sign) for your vessel. When these things are in order, you can install the VHF radio and use it. 

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VHF radio or cell phone?

If the ship is in a critical situation and in need of assistance, it is decisive that it can get in contact with shore or other ships in the vicinity. At short distances, either a cell phone or a maritime VHF radio is used.

The Danish Maritime Authority recommends a VHF radio for recreational craft since cell phones are not suitable in emergencies at sea:

  • Cell phones do not have an emergency button that can be used quickly.
  • Emergency calls do not have priority over other calls.
  • Emergency calls do not provide automatic identification and position-fixing.
  • Emergency calls will not automatically reach other ships.
  • Emergency calls from other ships will not be received automatically.
  • There is no function that ensures that emergency calls are automatically directed to a maritime rescue centre.
  • There is not full coverage for cell phones in Danish waters.

If you would like more information, please contact the Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board (in Danish).

Frequency permit from the Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure

If you would like to be issued with a permit for frequency use of P channels and maritime land- and earth stations, you must contact the The Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure by email:



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