Issue of certificates

​​​If you have lost your certificate, you must order a new certificate with the approved provider, who issued your original certificate.

Are you in doubt about which provider has arranged the exam and must therefore issue your certificate?
You can see this on our self-service for Seafarers and the My Maritime app, on the page "Certificates", under "Yachtsman Exams and Certificates".

Issuance of certificates for recreational sailors

Your first personal watercraft certificate, power boat certificate, certificate for motor operation for recreational sailors and SRC certificate are issued and sent by the approved provider who arranged the exam you passed. You therefore settle the payment for the certificate with the approved provider. ​

You may be qualified for a certificate for recreational sailors if you have obtained other certificates of a higher degree, e.g. a Certificate of Competency as a navigator or a GMDSS radio certificate. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

If you want to apply for a certificate for recreational sailors on the basis of a Certificate of Competency as a navigator or a GMDSS radio certificate, or if you have lost your certificate originally issued by the Danish Maritime Authority, use the application form for reissuance.
If you are in doubt as to whether your certificate should be issued by the Danish Maritime Authority, please contact us before applying.

Conversion of foreign certificates for recreational sailors

Foreign certificates are not approved for sailing Danish vessels that requires a certificate.
For sailing a Danish vessel that requires a certificate, you will have to have a Danish certificate.

Certificates for recreational sailing issued by another country can be assessed and converted by our approved providers of exams for recreational sailors, who will make an assessment of the foreign certificate and issue a certificate if all the requirements are met.

If the required certificate is a Certificate of Competency for recreational sailors, Yacht Master 3rd or 1st class, the approved provider must register the required exams in order for the Danish Maritime Authority to issue the certificate.

Re-issueance of certificates for recreational sailors with The Danish Maritime Authority

When you apply, you must have your MitID and payment card ready.

Re-issuance of a power boat certificate and documentation of the exam for certificate of competency for recreational sailors costs DKK 75. SRC certificate costs DKK 180.

Apply for a certificate for recreational sailors.