FAQ for persons in charge of medical care

​​​​​​​​​​​The Centre for Maritime Health Service is a knowledge centre for maritime-medico issues. Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

​Questions about courses and certificates

If your certificate has expired, you have to reacquire to be able to sail as a master and/or as the person in charge of medical care. You can reacquire your certificate by contacting The Centre of Maritime Health Service, and they will make a competence clarification.


You have to send a mail to cms@dma.dk, which clarifies the below:


  • When did the certificate expire?
  • What is the reason it has expired?
  • What have you done since the last course that can argue that you have maintained your skills?
  • Have you participated in any courses that include first aid, e.g. OPITO et al., please send documentation for this?


You will receive an answer within a few days.


​​​The course is mandatory and is, therefore, in general offered free of charge to Danish and EU citizens. 

Additional information is available under regulations on the registration for and cancellation of courses.​​​​​

Our courses are available here: 

  • Course calendar Denmark
  • Course calendar abroad
​It is easy to register for our courses digitally. Book in advance to ensure a seat on the courses. Fill in the form under "Request for course registration"

Later this year, the DMA will present a Seafarers-package, where the medical certificate should be represented.

You may not sail as a master and as the person in charge of medical care, without a valid certificate. Therefore, it is important that you contact CMS to apply for an exemption and a postponement of our course.

You have to send a mail to cms@dma.dk, which clarifies the below:

  • When does your certificate expire?
  • Please send documentation of your registration for a new course.
  • Who else on board has a certificate of ‘person in charge of medical care’?
  • Which ship do you have to sign

You will receive an answer within a few days.

Danish Maritime Authority does not require medicine in recreational vessels

We recommend you to contact,”Foreningen til Langtursejladsens Fremme” FTLF, who can advise you on the above.

Danish Maritime Authority does not require the course for sailors in recreational vessels

If we have an opening on our basic courses, you may attend. The course price is DKK 12.250 excl. accommodation and catering.

The course does not provide you with a certificate or medical backup during your trip.

To see if there are any available courses on medical care A- chest in Denmark follow the link:  Danish Maritime Authority (dma.dk).

We recommend you to contact,”Foreningen til Langtursejladsens Fremme” FTLF, which  provide smaller courses and advise you.

Yes, according to the executive order on courses and certificates for medical staff on ships, be able to insert a venous cannula (drip) and make an intramuscular injection.

If you want to read more about this, click here (Order no. 1116 of 10 October 2014 issued by the Danish Maritime Authority - Annex no. 1 section nb.4)

Attendance is mandatory to all lessons, during the whole course.

Participants must take active part in preparation, discussions and exercises.

All participants must complete all training end points on knowledge, skills and competences.

Injections, IV-needle and eye examination on your fellow officers, is a mandatory part of the course.

We can always guarantee the course being in English.

Please contact CMS via phone number +45 7219 6004 or email cms@dma.dk. When reaching out, please provide us with us with full name, date of birth and address. This way we will be able to send you a new certificate.

Questions about medicine chests

The supply of medicine to Danish ships must be as prescribed in the Inventory. If a preparation cannot be acquired, you must apply for an exemption.

See list of approved alternatives

Check the homepage on Danish Maritime Authority, where you normally download the chest either as a. PDF file or Excel (In these links it is shown on an A chest. But the principle is the same for all our available chests)

 For the Excel version, you can select the changes tab at the bottom of the document to see the latest announced changes. These will be a part of the uploaded chest.

 For the PDF chest, you either turn to the end of the document and read the changes section. On the other hand, use ctrl+F to open the search function and search for changes. Like the above, the indicated changes will already be integrated into the chest

 You can also sign up for the newsletter for the person in charge of medical care on our home page or here. You will receive emails with general news regarding your function as the person in charge of medical care, but also news related to changes in the chest.

The official medicine certificate formulary in the inventory, control document and user instruction signed by the captain, represent the ships certificate of medicine according the Danish regulations.

It is not a requirement from the Danish Maritime authority to have a medical certificate from the pharmacy.

​General questions to the Centre for Maritime Health Service

​​The date of expiry is intended to ensure that the cylinders contain oxygen at any time. Irrespective of the type of gas that has been compressed, valve systems will always have a rate of leakage, and the date of expiry is intended to account for this. Though it is found at the quarterly inspection that the cylinders contain oxygen, they must be replaced in accordance with the date of expiry. The requirement for ships and shipowners has been introduced in addition to the requirements for suppliers of the medical oxygen.

Read more about the requirements made by the Danish Medicines Agency in order no. 1318 of 27 November 2007 (only available in Danish).​​​

We strive to publicate everything in English for everytime we update or bring new publications. 

You can sign up for the Newsletter for the person in charge of medical care here or via the website.


The news will consist of new knowledge and perhaps changes to practice and the contents of the chest. It can also be updates regarding medicine. FX : many ampoules with batch no. XXXXX are leaking, they cannot be used, and must be replaced.


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