Nautical information

The chart below shows current Notices to Mariners (EfS) for Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, the Danish Defence firing exercises in the chart's plotted shooting areas, and the Danish navigational warnings. Click the chart for further details.

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Active Notices to Mariners, navigational and shooting warnings

Active Notices to Mariners

On Notices to Mariners you can see

  • Weekly Notices to Mariners
  • Active P&T notices
  • Historical Notices to Mariners
  • Notices to Mariners A – General information
  • Overview of firing practice areas at sea (the shooting annex)
  • Other annexes to Notices to Mariners

Symbol legends

Navigational warnings are shown by means of this symbol

(Navigational Warnings)

Notices to Mariners are shown by means of this symbol

(Notices to Mariners)

Active shooting areas are shown by means of a magenta-coloured area in the chart.


Safety of Navigation, National Waters