Guidelines to become approved providers

​Interested organizations can read more here about how they apply to be approved to administer recreational sailing exams and issue recreational sailing certificates.

Safety at sea will continue to be the focal point for the handling of exams, and it will be a requirement for applicants that this is reflected in the organisation's articles of association, purpose clauses or the like.

It is possible to apply to be approved to administer all recreational sailing exams and specific certificate types. Applications are sent to Write "Application for approved provider of recreational sailing exams" in the subject field.

The Danish Maritime Authority's order on exams and certificates for leisure sailors, chapter 3, describes the requirements that must be met by an organization that wishes to apply for approval. Here it appears i.a. of § 13, that a quality system must be established that can take care of the essential processes associated with administering both the formulation of exam requirements, the facilitation of exams and the issuing of certificates.

There is thus a requirement to be able to document and quality-assure conditions, which are both aimed at professional conditions for recreational sailing as well as administration. The Danish Maritime Authority has produced a short guide which brings together the requirements linked to the quality system, cf. § 13, subsection 4, point 3, and sections 1.2, 3, 5 and 7 in the annex to the Danish Maritime Authority's executive order on approval and quality assurance, etc. of maritime education.

An application must also demonstrate how you will solve tasks associated with requirements from the executive order. This concerns, among other things, on reporting exams (§ 10), how to ensure correct facilitation of exams (§ 11), guidance explanation for course participants, etc. on how to conduct an exam (§ 12), how to deal with censors (§§ 18-20), presentation of important information to users (§ 21) and on issuing certificates and handling complaints (§§ 23- 24).