FAQ about medical practitioners and health

You must contact a maritime medical practitioner authorised by the Danish Maritime Authority​.

See the list of approved medical examiners here

Yes, the Danish health certificate is in full compliance with the requirements of both the MLC and the STCW Convention.

The Danish Maritime Authority does not appoint medical practitioners abroad as maritime medical practitioners.

This is also the case with medical practitioners on the Faroe Islands and in Greenland.

Medical examinations must, insofar as possible, take place in Denmark.

However, a medical examination can be made by a maritime medical practitioner abroad.


No. A colour filter functions by excluding some of the light and thus reduces the amount of information contained in normal light, which impairs the colour sight

No. You can be issued with a health certificate on the basis of your medical examination from the Navy if you are to complete a training programme or a course at a civilian maritime training institution.

You can submit an application to the Danish Maritime Authority by email: soc@dma.dk.

You must hold a health certificate without limitations in order to be admitted to a maritime training programme.

At the training programme for commercial fishermen and the engineer officer training programme, you are not required to be fit for look-out duty. At all other training programmes, you must be fit for look-out duty in order to be admitted.

No, you need not be fit for look-out duty in order to be admitted to the training programme for commercial fishermen, but you cannot subsequently acquire the right to be a master without being fit for look-out duty.

You can complain about the decision to either the Danish Shipping Tribunal or the Danish Maritime Authority.

The deadline for complaints is eight weeks from the date of the examination.