Fishing ships

All vessels used commercially for fishing, that fishes in Danish or Greenlandic waters on the basis of Danish quotas or Greenlandic fishing licenses must be registered either in the Danish Ship Register (DAS) or in the Boat Register (FTJ).

  • For ships with home port in Denmark, you must apply for a permit to register a vessel (Tilladelse til registrering af fartøj) with the Danish Fisheries Agency. As soon as the permit is granted, the Register of Shipping receives a copy of the permit directly from the Danish Fisheries Agency.
  • Ships with home port in Greenland only need to be reported with the use "fishing vessel", as long as no fishing-related permits are attached to the vessel but only to a natural or legal person.
  • Vessels with a gross tonnage (GT) of more than 20 must normally always be registered in the Danish Ship Register (DAS)
  • Vessels with a gross tonnage (GT) of between 0 and 5 must normally always be registered in the Boat Register
  • For vessels of between 5 and 20 gross tonnage (GT), the owner may choose which of the two registers they wish to be registered in
  • Special limits and requirements apply to the registration of, among other types, barges, etc.
  • If there is a desire to register a mortgage on the ship, and the ship has a gross tonnage (GT) of 5 or more, the ship must be registered in DAS, since no rights are registered in the Boat Register.
  • Mortgages on commercial ships with a gross tonnage (GT) below 5 must be registered in court (Tinglysningen) in the personal register (Personbogen).

Transfer of a registered fishing ship

If you buy a ship that is already registered as a fishing ship, the ship does not need a new permit for deployment in the fishing industry, and can simply be transferred and registered in the Register of Shipping like any other ship.

Change of port of registry and port number

Please note that fishing vessels are always assigned a port number, which must be marked on the ship. If your ship changes port of registry, it will be assigned a new port number.

The use “Former fishing ship”

If you want to sell your fishing ship, and would like to use the port number or the GT and KW capacities used from the vessel on a new vessel before you have sold it, you can report that the ship use is "former fishing ship ". You must remove the port number from the ship once the new use has been registered.

The use "Former fishing ship" is a temporary use that the ship may not have for longer than 6 months. No new certificate of nationality shall be issued to ships using "Former fishing ship" and the certificate of nationality using "Fishing ship" loses its validity when the use is changed.

This means that you are not allowed to sail the ship. It also implies that the ship is not visible during the 6 month period.

Specifics of port numbers

The port number is automatically assigned when the ship is reported for registration.

However, you can request a specific port number when you report the ship for registration. In the remarks at the end of the report, you can write a special set of signal letters you would like to be assigned to the ship. This means that the registration is processed manually by the Register of Shipping, which at the same time assigns the desired port number, provided that the number matches the ship's port of registry and that the number is available.



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