The Danish Maritime Authority can authorise certain ships to perform the mandatory surveys by themselves.

The scheme applies to every second periodical main survey of special purpose ships (inter alia ships worthy of preservation and recreational fishing vessels) as well as the intermediate survey of fishing vessels with a length between 15 and 24 metres.

See also technical regulation on the holding of surveys and self-monitoring (order no. 9419 of 15 July 2004).

If you own one of the above-mentioned types of ships and would like to have an opportunity to perform self-monitoring, you can arrange this with the ship surveyor next time your ship is surveyed.

The condition for being permitted to perform self-monitoring is that no technical or operational defects were found on the ship at the previous survey. Furthermore, it is a condition that no occupational or marine accidents occur on the ship concerned during the period until the self-monitoring.


If you are permitted to perform self-monitoring, you must use the documents below:


Ship Survey, Certification and Manning