Is the vessel required to be surveyed?

Your vessel must be surveyed at specific intervals. It depends, inter alia, on the vessel's size who performs the survey and how it is done.

Ordering surveys and self-monitoring

You order the first survey and renewal surveys from the Danish Maritime Authority:

Order a survey

You must yourself perform the intermediate survey through self-monitoring. The date of the intermediate survey is evident from th Permit to carry passengers issued by the Danish Maritime Authority. If your vessel has a length below 15 metres and scantlings between 20 and 99, you must perform the self-monitoring by means of a form. Furthermore, you must fill in a declaration and safety instructions. The documents are found here:

Submit all three documents (the form, the declaration in connection with self-monitoring and safety instructions) to

If your vessel has scantlings below 20 and the total power of propulsion is of or above 100 kW, you perform the self-monitoring by forwarding a declaration as well as safety instructions to

If your vessel has scantlings below 20 and the total power of propulsion is below 100 kW, your vessel is not required to be surveyed.

Remember that you are also required to order a survey from the Danish Maritime Authority if your vessel has been subject to major repairs, alterations, renewals or if you are to use the vessel in a completely other manner than previously in the future. This may influence the safety instructions.

If you want to change the trade area given in the certificate "Permit to carry passengers" before the expiry of the certificate, you can apply for this from us. You can submit an application and request a survey from Enclose the safety instructions applicable for the new trade area. When the Danish Maritime Authority has performed the survey, it is possible to change the valid trade area if it is in accordance with the new regulations. The new permit will be valid for up to 48 months from the survey.
​Technical regulation no. 956 (2012)


Ship Survey, Certification and Manning