Safety instructions

In order to sail safely, it must be within the frame of "good seamanship". Everyone must assume responsibility and use their common sense.

Everyone organising and being in charge of safety in connection with commercial passenger voyages must draw up a safety plan. We refer to the plan as safety instructions.

The instructions are to help the organiser translate "good seamanship" into good, safe solutions for a voyage or activity. At the same time, the safety instructions are to give the participants and passengers an overview of how the organiser works with safety. The safety instructions are to explain what you have done, as the organiser and the one responsible for safety, to make the voyage or the activity at sea safe.

The safety instructions must be available to the participants and passengers at any time.

You are recommended to start by reading and familiarising yourself with the guidelines for the safety instructions:

Guidelines for safety instructions

Subsequently, you can retrieve a template for safety instructions in either Danish, Greenlandic or English:


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