Safety at sea

The Danish Maritime Authority is working for safety at sea. This means that we are responsible for a wide number of tasks related to aids to navigation and regulation of areas of importance to maintaining a high safety level. Find information about aids to navigation, pilotage, goods transport or occupational health. You can also subscribe to Notices to Mariners and see current warnings.

Navigational information

​It is important that you as a seafarer keep informed about navigational conditions at sea. By means of urgent navigation warnings and Notices to Mariners, you can get important information that may be of help to you during your voyage.

Nautical informations
Download data
New shipping routes in Kattegat and Skagerrak

Safety of Navigation

The Danish Maritime Authority prioritises safety of navigation in Danish and Greenland waters.

Safety of Navigation
Construction works at sea
Exemption from reporting obligation

The Arctic region

Still more cruise ships are navigating Greenland waters as a consequence of the increased interest in adventure tourism in Greenland. Now, approx. 40 cruise ships are visiting Greenland waters every year.

Read about the arctic region here

Ship safety

Ship safety includes safety on board including the safety of crew members. Ship safety is one of the Danish Maritime Authority's main focus areas, and we have a special focus on maritime working environment regulation.

Occupational health
Batteries, LNG and oil
HNS receipt
Carriage of dangerous goods

Commercial diving

Here you will find information about diving training and approved diving schools. In addition, you will find requirements for diving equipment.

Assessment of safety of diving activities
Diving training programmes
Diving in Greenland
Medical examinations
Offshore diving operations
Requirements for diving equipment
What does the law say?

Safety for passengers

Here you can read about passenger insurance

Passenger insurance
Passenger rights

Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board

Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board works to improve the safety of all types of sailors and recreational divers.Read more about that here.

Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board

Danish Maritime Cybersecurity Unit

Read about the Danish Maritime Cybersecurity Unit here. 

Danish Maritime Cybersecurity Unit

Accidents at sea

Read about and report accidents at sea on this page 

Accidents at sea