Diving training programmes

​​​In Denmark, diving work must be performed only by persons who have completed and passed a professional diving training programme.

Diving schools approved by the Danish Maritime Authority teach and arrange exams in accordance with guidelines issued by the International Diving Schools Association (IDSA). Furthermore, the diving schools have been audited in accordance with order no. 1373 of 16 December 2009 on the approval and quality assurance, etc. of maritime training programmes.

Order on the approval and quality assurance of maritime course providers and courses

Application for diving certificate

Application form

​Currently, five diving schools have been approved by the Danish Maritime Authority:

In addition, the Danish Maritime Authority accepts approved vocational education and training included on the IDSA or the Health Service Executive (HSE) list:

At the Labour Market Training (AMU) webpage, there is an overview of courses related to diving operations offered by schools approved by the Danish Maritime Authority:

Enquiries about international diving certificates:


Ship Survey, Certification and Manning


The legislation applicable in the area is the act on diving operations and order no. 1393 of 12 December 2013 on diving training programmes.

Act on diving operations

Order on diving training programmes

Approved courses

If you are looking for a specific course, you will find an overview of approved courses and course providers here.