Radio certificate

Here, you can read about the radio certificates for maritime radio services in merchant and fishing vessels.

Apply online for your certificates

You must apply for your certificates online. This is the case in connection with the first issue, renewals, re-acquisition or if your certificate has gone lost.

When you apply, you must have your NemID and credit card at hand. We request a fee of DKK 855 for a certificate.

Apply for certificate

You must attach a digital photo against a  uniform background, which meets the rules of passport photos.
In our app, My Maritime, you can take a picture of yourself and upload to your profile. This makes it easy for you to apply for a certificate with photo requirements.

In order to acquire a GMDSS-GOC, GMDSS-ROC or LRC certificate for maritime radio services, you must complete a radio course offered by a nautical training institution or a teacher

The certificate has a period of validity of five years. In order to renew your certificate, you must either document 12 months seagoing service within the last 5 years or 3 months within the last 6 months in vessels equipped with GMDSS-GOC radio equipment.

If you are an instructor in a school, we can do an evaluation of your skills. The requires as minimum a detailed work description signed by your employer. 

If you hold a valid GOC, you can have it changed into a ROC or LRC.

The certificate has a period of validity of five years. In order to renew your certificate, you must apply for this.

This certificate does not have any date of expiry and therefore need not be renewed. The certificate can be used only for radio systems on board fishing vessels and recreational craft with no GMDSS radio equipment.

You can no longer serve as a navigating officer on board merchant ships with a radio certificate without an STCW endorsement, also referred to as ITU certificates.

If you want to have a certificate with an STCW endorsement replaced, you must complete an STCW additional module in radio.

This test is completed at a nautical school or with an approved teacher

Here is an overview of which kinds of equipment you can use, when holding a maritime radio certificate:

VHF-telephony X X X X X X X
MF-telephony X   X X (X)   X
HF-telephony X   X X (X)   X
VHF-telephony with DSC X X   X   X  
MF-telephony with DSC X     X      
HF-telephony with DSC X     X      
HF-telex X   X       X
EPIRB (emergency radio beacon) X X X X   X X
SART (radartransponder) X X X X   X X
Satellite Earth Station Equipment X     (X)      
Telegraphist             X

(X) = optional

The following abbreviations are used for the maritime radio certificates:

  • GOC:General Operator’s Certificate - General certificate as radio operator in GMDSS
  • ROC: Restricted Operator’s Certificate - Restricted certificate as radio operatør in GMDSS
  • GEN: General certificate as radio telephonist
  • LRC: Long Range Certificate - Certificate for operating maritime MF-, HF-og VHF-radio equipment
  • BEG: Restricted certificate as radio telephonist
  • SRC: Short Range Certificate - Certificate for operating maritime VHF-radio equipment
  • TLG: Radio telegraphist certificate.

Our average case processing time is currently 5 working days, however, you should always apply well in advance.

After applying, you will receive an e-mail with a receipt for your payment and a separate e-mail with confirmation of receipt of your application and your case number.

If you have any questions or need to forward additional documentation, you can reply to the e-mail you have received stating your case number.

At any time, you can follow the status of your application in self-service or app. 


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