STCW Refresher requirements

​​​​​​​​​​In order to ensure safety at sea and ​​continuously maintaining of qualifications, requirements for refresher courses have entered into force.

All seafarers are required to refresh the following qualifications.

  • Personal survival techniques - (STCW A-VI/1-1)
  • Fire prevention and fire fighting - (STCW A-VI/1-2)

If a seafarer undertakes task onboard within the following areas, these qualifications must be refreshed.

  • Advanced fire fighting - (STCW A-VI/3)
  • Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats - (STCW A-VI/2-1)
  • Proficiency in fast rescue crafts (FRB/FRC) - (STCW A-VI/2-2)

​Qualifications must be refreshed every 5 years for the required areas and functions.

Courses are to be completed prior to expiry of the previous certificate.​

Courses are available by schools approved by the Danish Maritime Authority​.

Courses completed in countries on the IMO White List are recognized, given that they are issued in accordance with the STCW requirements.

All seafarers required to hold a certificate of competency, are required to refresh Basic Safety Training before applying for a new certificate of competency​. Valid certificate of proficiency for completed refresher course in Basic Safety Training and firefighting within the last 5 years, must be documented when applying for certificate of competency.

Course providers approved by the Danish Maritime Authority reports the issued certificate of proficiency​ to the Danish Maritime Authority, why we will only request the documentation, if the registration of a valid certificate is not available.

Seafarers, such as Able and Ordinary ship's assistants, are required to hold separate valid certificate of proficiency for completed refresher course in Basic Safety Training within the last 5 years, along with their valid certificate of proficiency as Able or Ordinary ship's assistant.