All Danish ships in international trade must have a Minimum Safe Manning Document that is issued by the Danish Maritime Authority. The Minimum Safe Manning Document is issued to the individual ship.

A shipping company may apply for a preliminary decision on minimum safe manning before registering in the Danish International Ship Register (DIS). Read more about minimum safe manning.

Certificates of competency

Masters and officers engaged on ships registered in the Danish International Ship Register (DIS) do not need to have Danish certificates of competency. It is, however, a precondition that the master is a Danish citizen or a citizen of an EEA (Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) or an EU Member State, or that the shipping company has permission from the Danish Maritime Authority to sign on a master from a non EU/EEA state.   
All officers, including the master, who do not have Danish certificates, need a Danish recognition certificate (STCW recognition). The fee is DKK 500 (approximately EUR 65). Read more about the Danish recognition certificate.

All ratings need documentation of compliance with regulation VI/1, section A-VI/1, paragraph 2 (basic training), as stated in the STCW 78, as amended, and seagoing service according to the Consolidated act on ships' manning.pdfThese certificates do not need Danish endorsements.

Non-domiciled crewmembers

Non-domiciled crewmembers may be covered by collective agreements with local unions. However, rest periods, social protection, paid leave, etc. are stipulated with minimum requirements in Danish law. Read more about the seaman’s rights and duties.


Training of seafarers – or qualifications of crewmembers - is essential in order to maintain a competitive Danish fleet. A high-tech fleet requires well-qualified seafarers whose qualifications are adjusted to the needs of the industry.

In keeping with Danish shipping policy, a number of Danish seafarers are trained at Danish schools, and safety aspects constitute the main part of this training. All basic training of seafarers in Denmark takes place at publicly financed maritime training institutions under the auspices of the Danish Maritime Authority. Read more about training of seafarers.