Sector Coorperation with Ghana

The sector cooperation focuses on safe and efficient shipping.

Ghana has experienced economic, social and democratic progress over the past many years. This progress has also had a positive impact on maritime activity, with Ghana attracting more and more merchant ships to the country's largest ports, Tema Harbor and Takoradi Harbor.

In order to support Ghana's continued positive development as a maritime pioneer in West Africa, the co-operation focuses on the enforcement of international rules on shipping. Following on from this, government cooperation supports Ghana's efforts to increase the safety and efficiency of shipping in Ghanaian waters.

The Danish Maritime Authority, in collaboration with the Ghana Ministry of Transport, the Ghana Maritime Authority and the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, has identified areas of cooperation that can help promote the maritime sector in the country.

These are:

  • Enforcement of international maritime regulations in accordance with the rules of the United Nations Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • Training of the staff of the Ghana Ports and Harbor Authority
  • Development of the latest technologies in E-navigation with a focus on providing accurate and fast maritime alerts to seafarers and local Ghanaian authorities.

The collaboration has, i.a. led to the port in Tema having bought Danish training for pilots and tugboat captains, and in addition, requested Danish technologies that can contribute to more efficient and safe maneuvering of the ships.

The sector collaboration began phase 3 in May 2022 and will run until May 2025

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