Certificates and transcripts

A certificate or transcript of a document costs DKK 150 each.

A certificate or transcript of a document costs DKK 150 each.

Registration certificates, deletion certificates, non-registration certificates and printouts of digital/digitized mortgage documents are issued digitally, can be verified digitally on the Danish Maritime Authority's website and you can arrange apostilles digitally on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you need to.

Certified copies of non-dematerialized documents can only be apostilled if they are sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with original attestation from an employee at the Register of Shipping.

Register transcripts are no longer issued; instead, find the information in the Register of Shipping.

A. Digital order in the self-service solution

You can purchase a registration certificate, a certificate of deletion or a transcript of a mortgage document in DSRG, Self-Service.  (-link to DSRG, Self-service –) In self-service you can pay with the following payment cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Dankort.

Once ordered and paid, they are immediately issued digitally.

If you do not have MitID and one of the mentioned payment cards, you can order these documents by e-mail.

B. Order from the Ship Registry via e-mail


Instead of ordering in the Self-Service solution, you can send an e-mail to the Danish Ship Register srg@dma.dk. Payment must be made by bank transfer to:

Danske Bank
reg.no. 0216
Account number
4069 0316 25
IBAN: DK8402164069031625

stating signal letters / FTJ-no. and document type, e.g. ”registration certificate”.

The payment must be received or initiated with your bank before we issue the certificate or transcript.

You can facilitate the processing by attaching a copy of the transfer request to your bank in the email.


In the order email, you must state the type of transcript or certificate and the following for each of the different document types:

  1. Certificate of registration or deletion:
    Signal letters:
    b.  Name of ship:
  2. Non-registration certificate:
  3. The owner of the ship:
    b. Build number:
    c.  Name of ship:
    d.  Port of registry:
    e.  Shipyard:
  4. Transcript of Digital/dematerialized mortgage:
  5. Signal letters:
    b. Mortgage document type:
    c. Mortgage amount
  6. Mortgage ID-No:
  7. Certified copies of paper/non-digitised registered documents:

  8. Signal letters of the ship:
  9. Document type: (document of title, type of mortgage or negative pledge)
  10. For mortgage documents, the mortgage sum and ID number are required.
    d. For negative pledges, the pledgee, the pledgor, and the ID number are required.

Expedition of the ordered

Registration, deletion and non-registration certificates are sent by e-mail.

Transcripts of digital/dematerialized mortgage documents are sent by e-mail

Certified copies are sent by e-mail, but can also be sent both as scan and by post, as original endorsed copies. Danish courts usually accept certified scanned copies.