Short-handed sailing

If a ship loses one or more crewmembers, the master must - in consultation with the shipowner - make a safety assessment. The Danish Maritime Authority is not required to approve short-handed sailing.

The assessment must be made in consideration of the ship's seaworthiness, including:

  • compliance with the provisions on hours of rest
  • the watch-keeping order
  • the duration of the voyage
  • the area of operation
  • weather conditions
  • the composition of the crew

The assessment must inform which position on board is to be held as short-handed sailing. It is not possible to operate without a master who holds the required certificate of competency and the necessary experience with the ship. Remember that the assessment must be noted in the ship's log.

Section 11 of the consolidated act on the manning of ships

"If a ship is deprived of any member(s) of the prescribed crew through illness, death, desertion or any other cause whatsoever beyond the control of the master or the owners, no requirements in or issued in accordance with this act shall prevent the master from continuing the voyage, on the condition that due regard be paid to the seaworthiness of the ship. The crew shall, however, be completed as soon as possible. The master shall make the necessary entry of the particulars of the case in the ship's log book or, where no log book is kept, in the survey book."


Ship Survey, Certification and Manning