How to register as a Pilotage Service Provider

How are the provisions on pilotage service in Denmark? 

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Fee for pilotage inspection

A fee is charged, among other things. for pilot certificate, annual fees and more. See the entire price list for the pilot area.

Price list

When am I required to take a pilot?

When it comes to sailing safety in Danish waters, there are a number of rules for when to use a pilot.

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Pilotage Service Providers

See the overview of Pilotage Service Providerss registered in the Danish Maritime Authority's register of pilot series.

Pilotage Service Providers

Mandatory pilotage in Greenland

Ships carrying more than 250 passengers shall, in connection with voyages in the inner and outer territorial waters around Greenland (i.e. to a distance of 3 nautical miles from the baseline), take a pilot certified to perform pilotage assignments in the area concerned. 

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Reporting pilotage

Report to the Danish Maritime Authority's reporting system for reporting pilots and pilot exemptions.

Reporting pilotage

Rules and regulations

On this page you'll find rules and regulations that form the basis for pilotage and pilotage exemption in Danish waters as well as guidelines and guidelines, flowcharts and a list of pilotage sites.

Rules and regulations