Certificate of proficiency

​​​​​Certificates of proficiency are issued on the basis of your qualifications and experience. Most certificates of proficiency are issued by educational institutions and course providers, while a few of them are issued by the Danish Maritime Authority.

Tanker operation certificates are issued only by the Danish Maritime Authority after having completed a course and the required seagoing service. Other certificates of proficiency are issued by our approved educational institutions

 Apply online for your certificates

You must apply online for your certificates. This is the case in connection with the first issue, renewal, re-acquisition or if your certificate has gone lost.

When applying, you must have your NemID and your credit card at hand. We request a fee of DKK 855 for a certificate. 

Apply for a certificate

You must attach a digital photo against a uniform background meeting the rules for passport photos; this is the case only for tanker operation certificates.
In our app, My Maritime, you can take a photo of yourself and upload it on your profile. Then it is quick and easy to apply for a certificate requiring a photo.

Seagoing service is recorded on our self-service or via the app.

Once recorded, you can document the seagoing service right away, or request a digital seagoing service declaration (fartstidserklæring).

Go to self-service

Accepted documentation is also a picture/copy of your discharge book.
In our app, My Maritime, you can quickly take a picture of your discharge book and uploade it, when you complete your record.

The digital seagoing service declaration is the easiest and fastest way to collect a declaration from your employer.

You can find videoguide both in self-service and the app.

You can read more about seagoing service and find guides to how to record your seagoing service here.

When you have completed a special course for oil, chemical or gas tankers and have acquired three months' seagoing service as a ship's officer on a similar tanker, the Danish Maritime Authority can issue a certificate upon application.

In order to have your tanker operation certificate renewed, you must have completed three months' seagoing service during the last five years on board qualifying types of tankers.

​If you do not meet the requirements to renew or if your certificate of proficiency for tankers has expired, you must re-acquire your certificate.​

If you have lost your certificate, you must contact the training institution that has previously issued your certificate. 

If the training institution has closed down, you can apply for a re-issue from the Danish Maritime Authority. However, we can issue you with a certificate only if your certificate has been registered in our systems.

You can see which certificates of proficiency we have recorded on you, by logging into our self-service.

Examples of other certificates of proficiency:

  • Able and ordinary ship's assistants
  • Watchkeeping certificate (STCW II/4)
  • Electronic rating (STCW III/7)
  • Certificate of proficiency in motor operation
  • IGF - Basic training for service on ships subject to the IGF Code
  • IGF - Advanced training for service on ships subject to the IGF Code
  • Polar - Basic training for service on ships operating in polar waters
  • Polar - Advanced training for service on ships operating in polar waters​

C​ertain qualifications must be refreshed every 5 years. Seafarers must hold a valid certificate of proficiency as documentation for the refreshed qualifications.

The qualifications that needs to be refreshed depends on the functions you have onboard.

You can read more about the refresher requirements here​.​

Our average case processing time is currently 5 working days, however, you should always apply well in advance.

After applying, you will receive an e-mail with a receipt for your payment and a separate e-mail with confirmation of receipt of your application and your case number.

If you have any questions or need to forward additional documentation, you can reply to the e-mail you have received stating your case number.

At any time, you can follow the status of your application in self-service or app.