Power of Attorney for Registering of Ship

A general Reference is made to the Executive Order on ship registration chapter 6 (link)

If you are unable or unwilling to sign a document, you may, as the as a power of attorney principal, create a power of attorney for another physical or legal person (power of attorney agent) to sign on your behalf.

All documents submitted to the Register of Shipping with regards to registration, shall be signed by an entity with the right to sign with regard to the right the document concerns. I could be a property right (e.g. Builder’s certificate, deed), a mortgage, a negative pledge, a report form, etc.

It is possible for anyone with MitID to issue a digital power of attorney in the DSRG-self-service solution or issue a power of attorney using the Register of Shipping’s power of attorney form - blanket II 24, link. Finally, anyone not in possession of a MitID, or has MitID but wishes to issue the power of attorney to a legal person, not to a physical person, may issue a power of attorney on paper.

A power of attorney takes effect when it is issued in the DSRG self-service solution.

Finally, anyone may issue a power of attorney in a format of their choice on paper, provided it satisfies the conditions of the Register of Shipping as are shown under the point?

Note that all powers of attorney shall be issued to physical or legal persons, that can sign with MitID.

Until the registration of the issue concerned by the power of attorney, it may always be retracted. When a power of attorney is retracted, the power of attorney agent, may no longer act on behalf of the power of attorney principal.

Powers of attorney submitted in DSRG or digitized and submitted in DSRG by the ship registrar, can be withdrawn in DSRG directly. In this way, the withdrawal takes effect immediately after the withdrawal has been reported.

All powers of attorney may also be revoked by written request to the ship registrar. The revocation will take effect from the time when the ship registrar has received the revocation and, depending on the circumstances, has digitally withdrawn the power of attorney in the DSRG self-service solution.

Below are guidelines for the ways in which a power of attorney can be filed.

The power of attorney form (fuldmagtsblanketten II 24) can be found here (link)

Remember that if the power of attorney principal can sign with MitID, the power of attorney can be issued in the DSRG self-service solution directly.

If the form is signed, with a physically "wet" signature, objective party witnesses must be added. This is pre-printed if you remember to answer "No" to the question if you want to sign with MitID when printing.

The Register of Shipping has drafted a standardized power of attorney, but you may also draft one yourself. If you do so, note that it shall contain the following:

  • The name, address, date of birth, CPR/CVR number of the power of attorney principal, or for foreign persons or companies, passport- or ID number/company number in the country of origin.
  • The ship(s) concerned in the report shall be identified with signal letters and the name of the ship. In powers of attorney concerning ships not yet registered, that do not have signal letters, the ship may be identified with IMO-number or build year, build number and the shipyard in which it was built, provided that the information is confirmed elsewhere, e.g. in the ship’s tonnage certificate, issued by a Danish authorized surveyor.
  • The acts for which the power of attorney applies shall be specified in detail.
  • The power of attorney should include an expiry date and an eventual maximum or minimum value of a transaction in a currency of their choice.

Documentation of signatories' authority to sign, date and identities see the ‘Document requirements for ship registration’ point Originale, daterede og tydelige underskrifter og dokumentation for underskriftkompetence, (link)

General powers of attorney, future powers of attorney, and powers of attorney without an expiry date can be accepted after a specific assessment has been made.

However, the Register of Shipping recommends that such powers of attorney are normally not older than three years and that powers of attorney issued by companies reflect their current provisions regulating the power to bind.