About the Danish ship registers, the Boat Register and bareboat registration

Danish Register of Shipping (DAS)

All Danish commercial vessels with a GT of 5 or more must be reported accordingly.  The same applies to pleasure crafts, including houseboats, which are used for private residence when they have a BT of 20 or more.

All the mentioned ships, which have a Danish owner, must be reported for registration here, unless

  1. the ship is reported to be registered in another country, cf. section 17(5) of the Danish Maritime Act and the Ship Registration Order for ships established in Denmark § 20 and for Greenland § 18, which has a Danish owner
  2. the ship is registered in DIS

For ships whose owner is not Danish, it can under further conditions be reported and included in DAS, see more here.

Shipbuilding Register (part of DAS)

Here, ships under construction can be admitted at a Danish shipyard, which is expected to get a BT of 5 or more. However, ships built for recreational purposes or private habitation must be estimated to have a GT of at least 20.

Danish International Register of Shipping (DIS)

Here merchant ships (not fishing vessels) that have a GT of 20 or more can be registered. Ships registered in DIS are not allowed to transport passengers between Danish ports, unless it is a matter of sailing to and from offshore installations.

The Boat Register (FTJ)

Commercial ships with a gross tonnage of between 5 and 20 can either be admitted here or in DAS. Commercial ships of less than 5 GT must be included here.

A minimum GT of 4 applies to certain vessels depending on whether the vessel has a special continuous deck and the vessel's usage – and the possibility of incorporating barges etc. into the FTJ with a GT of more than 20 see § 90 of the Ship Registration Order (link)

Bareboat Registration (happens in DAS or DIS)

Merchant ships that are registered in a foreign register and are not Danish-owned can ne bareboat-registered in DAS or DIS. The ships are identified as other Danish ships in the DSRG, and must meet the same requirements as these and a charterer is noted on the ship. The ship's owner and any liabilities cannot and should not be registered in DAS or DIS

Ships in the Danish registers can also be bareboat-registered under certain foreign flags. In these situations, the ship's owner and any liabilities remain only registered in DAS or DIS.

Pleasure craft

Pleasure crafts, including houseboats for private residence, of less than 20 GT cannot be registered in the Register of Shipping.

Pleasure craft under 20 GT


Danish Ship Register