Strategic Sector Cooperation with China

The Strategic Sector Cooperation has a focus on maritime safety and green shipping.

China is an important maritime nation. The strategic sector cooperation programme will promote cooperation with the Chinese authorities on safe and green shipping through development of best practice and cooperation on international regulation. In addition, the aim is to improve the framework conditions for Danish shipping companies and promote opportunities for Danish maritime companies in China.

The cooperation program covers a broad range of maritime areas and has, among other things, focused on strengthening best practice in:

  • Investigations of maritime accidents
  • Port State Control
  • Control of ships' sulfur emissions
  • Control of ballast water discharge

In addition, knowledge and experience sharing, for example, digitization of ships, zero-emission ships, alternative fuels and offshore vessels is also a part of the cooperation. This has given an opportunity to present Danish companies' solutions. In addition, the cooperation between the Danish and Chinese authorities has strengthened bilateral relations, which, among other things, has resulted in increased collaboration in international forums on, for example, climate and accident investigations.

The Chinese partners in the collaboration are China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The Strategic Sector Cooperation has been underway since 2017. Phase 3 of the project started in 2024.

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