Accidents at sea

The ship's master and shipowner must ensure that the Danish Maritime Authority is notified immediately via telephone 72 19 60 00 if a maritime accident, incident at sea or a death occurs on a Danish ship or a foreign ship in Danish territorial waters.

This includes cases where:

  • A person has fallen overboard, been seriously injured or died,
  • the ship has become unmanageable or has been involved in a collision, boarding, grounding, fire, explosion, leak, tilt, capsize, shipwreck or evacuation,
  • material damage has occurred to a ship or port infrastructure outside the ship which could seriously jeopardize safety,
  • that, as a result of damage to one or more ships, serious damage to the environment has occurred or there is a risk of serious damage, or
  • there has been an imminent danger of a marine accident in direct connection with the ship's operation (eg. danger of collisions, groundings or fire).

In addition, the ship's master must report an accident at work and poisoning to the Danish Maritime Authority as soon as possible and no later than after 14 days via the form, if it has resulted that the injured party:

  • has passed away,
  • has been incapacitated for work for 1 day or more in addition to the day on which the injury occurred, or
  • has not been able to carry out his usual work for 1 day or more beyond the day on which the injury occurred.


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Report an accident

Form for reporting an accident at work

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