General framework conditions

It should be as simple as possible to do maritime business in Denmark. Therefore, the Danish Maritime Authority also focuses on the general framework conditions of the maritime industries.

Many maritime companies can establish themselves anywhere in the world, and not only economic framework conditions are of importance when trying to retain and attract maritime companies.

Consequently, the Danish Maritime Authority has - in cooperation with other Danish authorities - focus on securing a service-minded public administration, the availability of competent employees and a quality flag.

It should be simple to do maritime business

The Danish Maritime Authority is striving to make the everyday life of maritime companies as simple as possible. Among the methods used are increased digitalisation, ongoing work on simpler regulations and the reduction of administrative burdens. The Danish Maritime Authority offers Danish shipowners a Point-of-Contact arrangement, which means that the shipowner has a permanent contact persons with the Authority.

Read more about the Point-of-Contact arrangement here

Availability of competent employees

Denmark has a flexible labour market and highly qualified maritime employees. The availability of competent employees - both at sea and ashore - is a considerable competition parameter for maritime companies. In cooperation with other authorities and the industry, the Danish Maritime Authority is striving to retain and develop a competent maritime labour force as well as maritime jobs in Denmark.

The Danish flag is a quality flag

The Danish flag is a quality flag. Quality shipping means high standards of health, safety and social conditions for seafarers and responsibility as regards protection of the environment and the climate.

Denmark is on the white lists of the Paris MoU and the Tokyo MoU and remains qualified for the USCH qualship 21 programme.


Blue Growth and Maritime Policy

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