Seafarers & manning

Here, you will find relevant information for seafarers. The information relates to education and training, certification, seagoing service and conditions of employment.

In addition, you will find general information on manning issues.

Discharge book and certificates

As a seafarer, you must hold specific certificates and have completed specific education and training.

Here you can read how to apply for a discharge book, how to acquire a certificate of competency and how and when to attend medical care courses.

Are you a recent graduate?
Certificate of competency
Re-acquisition of certificate
Discharge book 
Radio certificate
Seagoing services
Certificate of proficiency
Refreshing qualifications
Certificate of recognitionEducation and seagoing service from the Navy
Verify STCW certificate
Seafarers on Danish ships
Digital certificates for seafarer

Safe manning document

A certain number of crewmembers are required on board a ship. As the responsible authority, the Danish Maritime Authority determines the number of crewmembers and issues so-called safe manning documents. 

Merchant ships
Fishing vessels
Exemption for safe manning document
Short-handed sailing

Conditions of employment (MLC)

Here seafarers and fishermen can get an overview of the rules that regulate their employment on board the ship, as well as if they go ashore.

Conditions of employment
Social security and repatriation
Complain about working and living conditions
FAQ on employment
Documentation of seagoing service
Foreign seafarers on Danish ships


Medical practitioners and health

When you are surrounded by water and when medical assistance from the mainland is far away, it is extremely important to be in good health. Therefore, regular medical and health checks are mandatory for all seafarers.

Medical examinations
Medical examiners
FAQ about medical practitioners and health

Maritime courses

When you want to improve your skills through courses and educations, it is important to know where to go. The responsibility for the maritime educations and courses is divided between the Danish Agency for Higher Education and the Danish Maritime Authority.

Education plans
School and course approvals