Exemption from reporting obligation

skib og afmærkning

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A traffic monitoring and information system has been established for shipping in the Community with a view to making shipping safer and more efficient and to improve the authorities' response to accidents, incidents or potentially dangerous situations at sea, including search and rescue operations.

  1. the ship is engaged in regular service:
    1. between Danish ports, or
    2. between Danish and foreign ports and the Member States involved agree to this,
  2. the regular service is planned to have a duration of more than 1 month,
  3. the planned duration of each individual voyage does not exceed 12 hours, and
  4. the shipping company:
    1. maintains a list of the ship(s) forming part of the regular service concerned and submits this to the Danish Maritime Authority the first time that an exemption is applied for an subsequently every time changes are made as well as
    2. establishes an internal system to ensure that the information about each individual voyage is recorded so that it, upon request, irrespective of the time and without delay, reaches the Danish Navy Operative Command immediately.

Application for being exempted from the reporting obligation

Subsection 6. The Danish Maritime Authority may exempt a ship from the reporting obligation of subsection 1 and section 5 if the following conditions are met

Is the ship engaged in regular service between Danish ports? *
Is the regular service scheduled to last for more than one month? *
Does the scheduled crossing time of one voyage exceed 12 hours? *

In addition, please provide the following information:

Has the shipping company requested to be exempted from the reporting obligation in the foreign ports at which the ship calls? *

The shipping company maintains a list of the ship(s) involved in the relevant regular service and forwards it to the Danish Maritime Authority the first time an application for an exemption is filed and, subsequently, whenever changes are made.

The shipping company establishes an internal system ensuring that the information about each individual voyage, cf. subsection 1, is recorded so that it is possible for the Admiral Danish Fleet to request and receive this information without delay at any time.

Regular service: A number of voyages between the same two or more ports, either according to a published time schedule or with such regularity or frequency that they represent a systematic series of voyages.

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