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​​​The Danish Maritime Authority makes a number of data sets, AIS density plots and navigation warnings available for use in a wider context.

Read 'Conditions for the use of data' so that you are aware of the conditions and terms.

Data sets

Anchorages, regatta lanes and ships' routes are available as WMS services.

AIS Density Plots have been made available based on AIS data from “all ship types” as well as selected ship types.

WMS services are available for viewing and download via the national data portal geodata-info:

Currently available data sets from the Danish Maritime Authority.

Notices to Mariners, Navigational warnings and Firing warnings

Notices to Mariners (NtM), Navigational and Firing warnings can be obtained by REST call to the Danish Maritime Authority's "Niord" service. The data model and the REST API are described at:

Documentation on Niord REST API


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